Do condoms prevent pregnancy?

 Do condoms prevent pregnancy

Do condoms prevent pregnancy?

Do condoms prevent pregnancy? This question is perhaps one of the most important questions asked by couples who will enter the new relationship. If you are going to start a new relationship and most importantly, if you are wearing this too much, the answer is in our article. We will inform you as scientifically as we can. We also want to state that all information on our site is written and published by healthcare professionals. That is why we doubt the reliability of the information we give.

Do condoms prevent pregnancy?

The answer to this question is actually hidden in both partners. The main purpose of the condom is to prevent fertilization. It is to prevent the sperm coming from the male individual from touching the female organ and entering it. Even if the sperm come into contact with the vagina mouth or even the outer skin, they are likely to go as far as the womb because they have a moving structure and, if very unlikely, can cause fertilization. Therefore, if pregnancy is not requested during the relationship, condom use is a must.

The main purpose of the condom is to prevent sperm from reaching these compartments and to protect against fertilization. As long as there is no mistake in the use of condoms and the sperms do not go out, the pregnancy is considered 100% hindered, but we can not say that the condoms provide 100% hindrance. Pregnancy can occur due to possible tears and possible sperm leak. Because of this, pregnancy remains completely in the hands of the people and depends on the precautions taken. The more precautions you take, the less you are pregnant. Under normal conditions, no condom company will give 100% protection guarantee. Since there are problems caused by usage and many other problems, no firm guarantees in this regard. If you use the right condom is a very effective method and should definitely be used. In addition, protect you against diseases. Scientifically, pregnancy is impossible unless sperms reach the womb and egg. Therefore, there is almost no risk of getting pregnant in proper use.

I entered into the association without the condom, what can I do?

In case of connection without condom or possible rupture of the condom and sperm vaginal area or uterus area, if pregnancy is not wanted, the pill should be taken immediately within 72 hours at the latest. The sooner the next day’s pills are taken, the more impact they have and the greater role they play in preventing pregnancy. It can not be said that the next day’s pills definitely prevent pregnancy, but the effect is great and the sooner it is taken, the more effective it is. Under normal conditions, this pill breaks the hormonal balance and prevents the eggs from sticking to the womb. This reduces the possibility of fertilization. Pregnancy occurs with fertilization of sperm with eggs in the womb. When you take this pill, the uterus starts to move and relax, and the eggs can not hold the uterus. As a result, the possibility of fertilization is reduced. Nevertheless, it is possible that in some cases fertilization can occur and even if this pill is taken, it can become pregnant. If you do not demand pregnancy because of this reason, you should use a condom before entering this risk.


Finally, there is one point that we should mention, “Do condoms prevent pregnancy?” most of the respondents on the internet have consistently made catastrophic speeches. The information we provide in this regard is scientific information. According to this information, you will not be afraid if you are protected. As a result, if you still have a mindset and you want to ask about it, you can pass it on to us under this post. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. If you do not want pregnancy, definitely use a condom. As a result, even a sperm can cause pregnancy, that is, pregnancy. As long as you are protected in this area and you apply the correct way of protection, your chances of getting pregnant will be constantly low.

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